A social media marketing lesson for export indusrty organized by the project team 

Summer is coming and the projects are coming to an end soon. Our project team has had fun and we have learned a lot together. The final scrunch is still left, but I know that we can start the summer with a successful project. In this post, I want to tell about something that the entire project team certainly learned the most from.  

One and perhaps the biggest goal of our project was to organize a seminar on future marketing skills for export companies. The seminar was organized in Teams and its date was 16.3. Our topics was Instagram, TikTok and ChatGPT. We went through for example, how to market on these social media channels, which marketing tools can be used and how to measure success and monitor analyzes. About ChatGPT, we told what it is, what it can be used for, how it can be used in marketing and what its future looks like.  

All of us in the project team knew about Instagram and TikTok as its active users, but no one had experience in marketing on them. ChatGPT was a new thing for all of us at the first. Our project team had a lot of work to find information about all of these three, because in our seminar we had to be able to speak like professionals. In the end, all the work was worth it, because we succeeded really well. We received a lot of praise from our clients and seminar participants. One of the participants even said that he almost missed his flight, because he wanted to stay and listen to our performance for a longer time.  

In this project we have had a really good team spirit, which is certainly the reason why we have achieve a lot of good results. 

Text: Miisa Nuutinen, communications manager

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