Chile – Finland Business Development

We set out with our project team to implement a unique international project together with the students of the Chilean Universidad del Desarrollo. The project is implemented at Laurea in a course called Service Design and Sustainability Project, where the students are learning to plan, implement, and evaluate a Service Design project with service design methods and develop sustainable practices in organizations.

In the second week of September 2023, the Chilean students came to spend the first intensive week in Finland. The intensive week took place at the Laurea Leppävaara campus, and the Chilean students’ accommodation was right next to the campus. There are five students from the Universidad del Desarrollo on the team and five students from Laurea, so our team initially consisted of all ten students. Since there are two clients in the project, we were divided into two teams, where we set out to fulfill our client’s assignment. The clients are a Finnish company Nordic Simulators and a Chilean company 

Dungun is a Chilean translation and interpretation company with a solid professional track record. Their vision is to expand and conquer the Finnish market. On the other side of the world in Finland, we have Nordic Simulators, a prominent Finnish company that has its sights set on Chile. Their approach to simulation is innovative and promising, and they seek to grow on Chilean soil. Our mission is clear: to join forces, Finnish and Chilean students, to help these two companies achieve their global expansion goals.

I myself have been working with a Chilean company Dungun, which has been a unique experience, thanks to which my team and I have had the opportunity to learn to work in an international and multicultural work environment. It has been really interesting to get to know cultural differences in international work. We work with our team remotely in Teams every week, which despite the time difference has been successful. Our team has been looking for Finnish forestry and engineering companies for our client with whom our client could start international cooperation. We have contacted dozens of companies whose operations we have seen potential for cooperation. 

This was my first international project, and I got the opportunity to work on a project where we work in cooperation with students and a company who are from the other side of the globe. Because of this, internationality has been greatly emphasized in the project. Thanks to the first intensive week, we got to know the students of another university face to face, which has made working remotely easier. We Laurea students are already looking forward to the second intensive week, which will take place in Concepcion, Chile. This intensive week takes place at the end of November when we conclude our project and present our results to our client.

Our whole team with lecturers and students photographed at Laurea Leppävaara’s campus. The photo also includes an international affairs expert from Laurea, the globalization academic coordinator of Universidad del Desarrollo, and the director of the Leppävaara campus.

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