Marketing plan for Käpy – A mobile design home

This spring, our 8-person project team got to work on a project to create a marketing strategy and plan for Como Desing’s latest project, for the Käpy mobile home.

Our project started with a kickoff meeting on January 18, 2024, where we saw each other for the first time. During the meeting, we got to know each other and discussed our roles in the project. After that, we talked about what we know about the Käpy mobile home.

What is Käpy? “The Käpy mobile home is a proof of luxury and high-quality design. Imagine it as a cool, beautiful, and high-quality country house, serving both the calm landscapes of southern Finland in the summer and the enchanting winters of northern Finland. The Käpy mobile home is not just living; it is a lifestyle choice for those who want to be closer to nature, especially in peaceful Lapland.”

On January 25, 2024, we met with our client, Christel Björkqvist, the founder of Como Design company. Christel gave us the assignment and we found out what we aim to achieve in the project. The initial focus of the project was to create a sales pitch that the client can present to potential partners (construction companies). The primary goal of the Käpy project was to create a comprehensive marketing strategy and plan for the innovative product.

We immediately started working towards our goals by conducting background research on competing companies. After the research, we did benchmark and SWOT analyses of the competitors. These helped us get a better understanding of where the Käpy mobile home stands in the market.

The next step in the project was to start working on the Käpy’s partnership proposal. The proposal would include an overview of the mobile home industry, Käpy’s opportunities in the market, information about the sustainability of Käpy homes, a description of why Käpy is part of nature, financial highlights, information on why Käpy is a good partner, and Käpy’s value propositions. We presented the proposal to the client and received good feedback, so the project continued.

Next, our project team started getting ready for the main goal of the project: making a marketing strategy and plan for Käpy. The finished marketing strategy/plan will have the main strategy, how the marketing will happen, what Käpy promises to customers, who the main target audience is, and how we’ll market. Right now, the marketing plan is almost done, and we think we’ll reach our goals by the end of spring.

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