The Final Phase of The Project – Service Design Project

We eagerly started working with the new team in January. Our project focuses on service design, with the Hyvinkää Parish as the client. Our team consists of eight people, so we’ve got a pretty big group to work with. Our team supervisor is Piia Haavisto. All projects were tasked to produce an article by their own project team, so one of the team members was given the role of article officer. This was a completely new role in the team, which also became necessary and was perceived as an effective choice. In a teleworking team, the role of wellbeing managers is significantly enhanced, as team building is crucial for the working atmosphere. Our team’s wellbeing managers took over the team very well and created a good team spirit right from the start.

The client, Hyvinkää Parish, organised a meeting for our team at their premises, where our team got to see the facilities and activities of the parish. Our team found this very useful and interesting. We got a good overview of what the burial process entails, and the background work involved. We also got to meet the staff and carry out a small survey about their job description and tasks. With this information we were able to implement our vision and make a more precise division of labour.

We have also been able to learn about AI alongside the project and this has been a key element throughout the lifecycle of the project. The team has experimented with different AI applications, for example ChatGPT was used to design the structure of one of the outputs. The final product has required visual skills, which have also made use of the tools provided by AI. Our project has progressed steadily towards the delivery of the final output to the client. The project has been enjoyable to work on, and the work has been important and meaningful.

Figure produced by artificial intelligence using Neural Writer

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