International Service Design Project for Ramirent 

Our academic year 2023 has started with a new and exciting project for Ramirent, our international team consists of eight people, two girls from Ukraine and all other students from Finland. We are very close-knit, and we are working towards our goal together. To achieve our goal, we have developed a clear plan: 

  1. Developing a project plan: 

The main goal of our plan was to show the customer how we can create and optimize customer service tools for their company in the next 4 months. 

  1. Interviews with company employees: 

One of the most important steps to achieve our goal is to interview employees. Our team prepared for this meeting in advance and discussed all the nuances with the customer. As a result of this event, we learnt a lot of important information. For example, “What are the most common customer problems they faced” or what difficulties employees have when working with customers. 

  1. Conclusions and results: 

We will make suggestions for customer service, and with the help of interviews it will be possible to analyze the customer service system. All these factors will improve the customer service system.  

After completing all the stages of the project, our team will gain experience in this field and a very large amount of knowledge that will help us to be knowledgeable in this field in the future, but the main result depends entirely on our client and how they will use our plan to serve better their customers. 

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