Consequences Of Childhood Bullying

Let me tell you, you’re a lucky one if you have never experienced bullying in your childhood. I was not one of the lucky ones and that’s why this topic is very close to my heart.

What bullies don’t understand is that the consequences of childhood bullying will follow to the adulthood. Studies have shown that it affects not only for psychological health but also physical health and cognitive functioning. The most common types of bullying are verbal. Name calling, spreading rumors and lies, leaving out of the group etc. Bullying can cause anxiety, depression and suicidal behavior on children.

I got bullied the very first time when I was only 5 years old. Someone that I was calling my friend, constantly left me out of the group. I didn’t realize back then that it was a form of bullying but I’ve realized it later on. In the primary school I had a lot of friends, girls and boys. When I went to secondary school, the problems started. Growing up I was always very insecure about my appearance. (it was the time when there was very skinny girls on the cover of every magazine out there.) There was this group of boys who started to bully me by calling me names etc. It “only” lasted for half a year because the teachers made ME to change my class and get away from them. It was a good thing for me of course but looking back to it, the solution seemed like I was the problem, not the bullies. In my opinion, the bully should always be the one who gets excluded from the class.

Do I feel like the childhood bullying affected me and who I am to this day? Yes, definitely. I even feel like the most extreme consequences started to show in my early 20’s. I honestly think that without getting bullied I would have never gotten an eating disorder or anxiety. I also think that it affected my self-esteem the way that I ended up in unhealthy relationships just because I didn’t know what I deserved or how to stand up for myself. I was very insecure and just wanted to please other people.

Two of my worst bullies apologized later on and I am thankful for that but it didn’t save me from the consequences of bullying. Today I have good people around me and I’m very content with my life but I know that that’s not the case with everyone. Bullying is very common and some people commit suicide because of bullying. It would be very important for the children to understand that what you say or do to someone can affect them for a lifetime and in the worst case, ruin someone’s life.

Little me vs me today. I hope I could stay to little me that it gets better!


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  1. When I read the title of your blog, it called my attention. If I got bullied as a child and as an adult? Unfortunately yes! And the effects of it are still vivid on me. As a child I did not know how to defend myself, I would just cry when my classmates would call me names, I was only 5 at first grade and never attend any daycare or pre-school, so you can imagine how heavy school was for me, a true nightmare. Get bullied as an adult, is not that is easier, but at least we have more tools and strong relationships that can be our salvation. Problem is when your network is narrow and you have no one to talk with. Anyway great topic to write about, thank you!

    1. Oh I’m sad to hear you’ve experienced bullying too! 🙁 but look what a powerful woman you’ve become! I think it is important topic that should be discussed more in school etc, to prevent it since it can have such huge effect on adulthood as well

  2. Riitta Järnström

    Thank you Sandy for sharing your personal experience. Bullying is definitely a problem both among children and adults. Children do not understand the far-reaching effects of bullying. It is up to adults to prevent and tackle bullying so that the subject of bullying does not have to suffer any more. It is sad that the bullied often has to change school and the bully stays. A lot of work should be done to prevent bullying so everyone can feel safe and included!

  3. Growing up, I had always been skinny and its quite different back then in my home country because skinny girls were made fun of than big girls. To be rounder is seen as more beauty. As you mentioned, that the psychological effect can follow an individual from childhood to adulthood. I agree with the statement because sometimes I still feel insecure in my skin although I have added some pound of flesh and feel more rounder :). The awareness of stopping bullying in schools and everywhere in the world should be emphasised because sometimes as a parent I feel scared and hope that my kids don’t experience verbal or emotional bullying in school based on their outward look that may affect them emotionally or psychologically as the grow up.