Homeless Night 17.10

The international day for the Eradication of Poverty & Homeless Night

This week’s Thursday, 17 of October, is an important day. It is the international day for eradication of poverty declared by the United Nations. It is also the same day that the night of the homeless is held in Finland.

According to United Nations, the day is about people living in poverty to have a chance to get their voice and concerns heard. It was in 1992 when 17 of October was declared to be the day for eradication of poverty. The United Nations also invited all states to devote the day to the eradication of poverty. United Nations sustainable development goals are also linked to the theme of the day. The agenda for sustainable development gives a shared plan for peace and prosperity for people and planet. There are 17 development goals, and these goals are a call for action by all countries in a global companionship. The first goal is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere.

In Finland, the day for eradication of poverty is celebrated as the night of the homeless (Asunnottomien yö). On 17 of October, homeless night events are held around Finland and according to the Asunnottomien Yö website, the purpose of the day is to highlight everyone’s right to have a home. Asunnottomien yö is a citizens’ movement and the event is free from all forms of discrimination and racism. The event supports the most vulnerable and emphasizes everyone’s right to own housing. This year, the theme is homeless women and organizers want to highlight how homeless women often face violence and exploitation.

The Homeless Night events have a variety of activities such as haircuts, clothes distribution, music and dining. Our group is participating in the Vantaa Homeless Night event, held in Leinikkitie 22 from 16.00 to 22.00. We have been collecting clothes on Laurea’s campus together with other Laurea students and on the day of the event we will distribute clothes at the event place and help the organizers with other things too. I myself look forward to next Thursday and welcome everyone to come and see what this important event is all about.

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  1. Riina Rundqvist-Lehto

    Thank you for bringing up this event, but unfortunately I was occupied with something else that evening. I remember swearing last year to attend this event this year, but that didn’t happen.

    So each year they have had some kind of theme in the event? Like this year the emphasis was on women!

    Did you and your group members already knew at the beginning of the semester that you want to take part in this?