No justice, no peace

The goal number 16 of sustainable development is peace, justice and strong institution: 

‘’Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals is dedicated to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the provision of access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.’’ ( 2018, 1)

PEACE means living free, without having to worry for your life or about war. Being able to be yourself without fear. 

JUSTICE is righteousness. It means that we all should have the same rights no matter religion, race, sex, sexual orientation et.

INSTITUTION is a social structure, which influences people’s behavior. Strong institution is righteous and peaceful.

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“Enough is enough!”

This shout could easily come from a tired mum who is annoyed and frustrated with her 3-year old. Or this could be a strong determination, the first step of an empowered person rising up from the ashes. But what if this comes from our long awaiting and long-suffered Planet Earth? What happens if Mother Nature cries out for help in a desperate state?

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Global Challenges & Possibilities: blog introduction

Global Challenges & Possibilities within Social Services is a complementary course offered at Laurea Tikkurila. During this course, we will find out more about these global challenges and possibilities we are facing today. How can social work deal with these challenges and how can we together create a better world?

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Happy 20th birthday, World Village Festival!

Ever since 1995 World Village Festival has successfully gathered thousands and thousands of festival visitors year after year to enjoy an memorable experience together. This year the festival theme is a topic hotter than ever, climate change, and the estimated amount of visitors reaches 80 000 persons.

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Are we going to be all right?

Right-wing politics have been on the rise globally in the past years. Many European countries such as Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, UK, Italy and Sweden are getting more towards the right-wing in politics. The changes in political situation in European countries from the year 1999 can be seen here.

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