Migration or Salvation?

In my understanding people migrate because of various reasons, but what I do not understand is when one forgets how blessed they are having being born in this country. When I heard one guy once saying to my dear friend ”go back home”, I became angry. When some people think they have the right to speak in such a manner with complete ignorance, when one has never had to think about leaving their home country, when one does not see beyond a person’s skin color, when one forgets how priviledged they are etc.

Clearly this racist guy needed to educate himself.

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Inclusion for Undocumented Immigrants

While I was going to start to write my 3rd post here, I saw this post in my Facebook account” BREAKING: DEPORTATION OF THE YOUNG AFGHANI IS STOPPED IN THE LAST MINUTE! Thank you volunteers and lawyer!”  

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Legislation and Undocumented Immigrants

In my previous blog post, I tried to open the awareness about paperless immigrants. In this post, I will try to represent some of the national and international regulations about immigration and in next discussions I will refer to NGO’s and activists’ actions to support refugees and paperless immigrants.

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If thou feel not for other’s misery A human being is no name for thee

A short introduction may help readers of my blogging here to get familiar with concept of paperless and refugee. An asylum seeker is a person who flees from his or her country in order to seek international protection and the right to stay in another country. An asylum seeker is a person who is looking for a safe place to live and who can obtain the right of residence abroad. If the person is granted asylum, he or she will be granted refugee status and a residence permit. Asylum seekers usually seek to protect humanitarian protection law. Humanitarian security may be due to an environmental disaster or poor security in the country of origin. The asylum seeker lives in a reception center. It is the place where applicants for international protection are located, where services are provided to them during the asylum process. However, this process can last for many years and this brings many circumstances for the person who is paperless during this process.

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