Modern-day slavery

Human trafficking is a global problem. Every country in the world is affected by it, whether as a country of origin, transit, or destination and it is for a range of exploitative purposes, not just sexual exploitation. (United Nations 2020)

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No justice, no peace

The goal number 16 of sustainable development is peace, justice and strong institution: 

‘’Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals is dedicated to the promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, the provision of access to justice for all, and building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.’’ ( 2018, 1)

PEACE means living free, without having to worry for your life or about war. Being able to be yourself without fear. 

JUSTICE is righteousness. It means that we all should have the same rights no matter religion, race, sex, sexual orientation et.

INSTITUTION is a social structure, which influences people’s behavior. Strong institution is righteous and peaceful.

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Far away from home

Immigrants, asylum seekers and the paperless suffer from homelessness. They are possibly thousands of kilometers away from home with bad luck when trying to find a new one. They suffer from discrimination when it comes to labor -and private housing markets and often have lower income levels. It’s estimated that one fifth of the homeless are immigrants. Left outside of the statistics are the homeless paperless in Finland. (Vva Ry).

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If thou feel not for other’s misery A human being is no name for thee

A short introduction may help readers of my blogging here to get familiar with concept of paperless and refugee. An asylum seeker is a person who flees from his or her country in order to seek international protection and the right to stay in another country. An asylum seeker is a person who is looking for a safe place to live and who can obtain the right of residence abroad. If the person is granted asylum, he or she will be granted refugee status and a residence permit. Asylum seekers usually seek to protect humanitarian protection law. Humanitarian security may be due to an environmental disaster or poor security in the country of origin. The asylum seeker lives in a reception center. It is the place where applicants for international protection are located, where services are provided to them during the asylum process. However, this process can last for many years and this brings many circumstances for the person who is paperless during this process.

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Meaningful Minorities – Part II

Still quite a strong heterosexual norm exists in our society, causing prejudices and discrimination. How do those appear in our everyday life? Does media play a role in forming views? Can we see any actions for the better?

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Meaningful Minorities – Part I

What it comes to human rights among sexual minorities, Finland is the 5th best European country to provide equality. There has been set laws considering rights of gender minorities and human rights. Some of these laws and acts still have deficiencies which violate one’s self-determination.

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