Cutting the Sting of Stigma

The sting of stigma can be intensely painful to those affected by it. It influences individuals who may be every bit as creative, intelligent, talented and humanly flawed as the next person. People who suffer from substance dependence, are heavily stigmatized in the eyes of the society. They are often not acknowledged as complex individuals, … Lue lisää

Inclusion in the child protective services

In the final blog post of our group, I set out to outline the possibilities the working life representatives we interviewed for this course have of reinforcing inclusion in their respective fields. We interviewed three professionals working in different units of child protective services and in this post I shall explain how they see their … Lue lisää

Checklist: are you an ally for a person with disability?

Positive changes in attitude towards disability and people with disability are on the way, and it would be right of us to do out part by checking ourselves and our attitudes, regarding this topic. There are many web resources out there teaching us to be better allies for people with disabilities, but I attempted to … Lue lisää

Promoting inclusion

What does inclusion mean? Inclusion is seen as universal right. The aim of inclusion is to embrace all people irrespective of race, gender, disability, medical or other need. Social inclusion promotes wellbeing and reduces exclusion and inequality. Inclusion and equality are cornerstones of a sustainable society and fundamental rights that belong to all.