Hotel Sveitsi – Interview of partner in cooperation

Who is Kaisu and what he does at Primehotels?

I work as a know-how chief and developing chief at Primehotels and in Hotel Sveitsi my job description is a HR and Sales type person: I take care of matters considering employees and work in the sales. . In my work I and organize different events and also represent our services while meeting a lot of people.

Kaisu Eronen

How has the co-operation with Laurea University of Applied Sciences been?

Hotel Sveitsi was opened 10.10.2017, in other words three years ago. The first year passed in starting the operation, learning the new location and workplace for whole staff, but later on we have cooperated closely with Laurea UAS. Every year we have had at least two projects with Laurea and often one of them has been an international project group in which there have been exchange students also along.

We have been very satisfied in co-operating with Laurea because the workday routines takes easily over with us here at Hotel Sveitsi and we do not necessarily have time to stop and to concentrate on all the matters. As example this “new normal. which your project team has sparred quite effectively by for example clarifying how concepts similar to Prime Care are carried out in other hotel chains in Finland and internationally. And how matters have been dealt with in line of business as usual and by different companies. These have been very helpful for us.

What have been the greatest successes or learning experiences regarding co-operation with Laurea UAS?

Overall experiences of projects have been very educational indeed and perhaps the most challenging aspect is implementing results of projects to workday routines. The projects have been very versatile, and I’ve been able to have influence on subject matter regarding current topics. The students of Laurea have gotten the hang of it very well. Because however, you are, of course, creators of the future and also possibly working on our line of business, therefore it is a pleasure to be able to demonstrate what that our workdays here in Hotel Sveitsi are like, for example. I believe that one can get quite near the core of that when carrying out these projects with us.

How would you define the demands that our project tried to answer? What was wished to be achieved with project?

The purpose was to create Prime Care version 2.0 (the outline which aims to improve staff and customer safety) so to develop it even further. When a coronavirus hit Finland last March the hotel was temporarily shut down for 10 weeks. During this time period we had to figure out how to assure a safe return to work for our staff as well as a safe visit for our customers. Nowadays also the facemasks have become part our workday routine and have been used during the customer contacts for several weeks already.

With your help we can also prepare how current situation could develop in a long run. With the surveys you created for our customers and staff we are surely able to get good peer review and information about for which direction we should take from here.  Furthermore, we can understand if our employees and customers are actually aware and informed of this Prime Care -concept of ours.

Is Laurean plans in connection from the future cooperation also with the executed projects?

At the moment this is our only ongoing project with Laurea UAS. Because of unusual conditions only this one project has been running this year. Preferably we continue co-operation with the students and the project groups of Laurea.

At this point I’m unable to comment about the character of the future projects. With current situation considering covid-19 things have to been taken at on day to day basis. One does not know how long situation will persist and how it will change the methods of operation permanently in our field of business.

Surely even the good consequences can follow, so we shall see with positive mindset what the future will bring. Also, in role of employer’s and project initiator we want to make the learning experience possible for all of you. I believe that the model of project learning gives one splendid possibility to learn and see what  it is to work in our line of business or business in general.

Is there anything else you would like to mention in conclusion?

I can mention the good news we received. On monday 2.11.2020 Hotel Sveitsi was awarded as Finlands Leading Resort Hotel. We got the award in question for a second year consecutively. thanks goes to the whole group of different operators working at Sveitsi of course. There are really many different entrepreneurs under the same roof here and it is called “empire of experiences”. There is possibility for variety of activities and experiences. Therefore, I indeed to welcome you all to our guests here at Hotel Sveitsi and  Empire of experiences.

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