Saving the world with sludge management – Cleantech project

The Earth is in critical condition with climate changing and overall global warming. However, during this chaos there are opportunists who want to solve these problems. This autumn our project team had an opportunity to influence to make the world better place by doing project about developing waste management.

In this project the main assignment was to get acquainted with different models of municipal sludge treatment. Project team also got acquainted how municipal sludge is handled internationally and how to select a specific international target market for further analysis.

Our action was to do way more research than we could ever imagine. In the beginning of the project we only knew little about cleantech and sludge management, but after the project began, we all started to see the bigger picture. Sludge management has a big impact making the earth more cleaner and better place.

We did a lot of research about waste management, different markets and laws, cleantech companies and about startup investing. More we learned, the more the project grew. Our results were lot of background information for our customer, SWOT and market analysis and 5 new ways of looking at the mission, that our customer has set his focus on to. 

Two of our team members were doing their last project for the school and they left the P2P learning with happy feelings. Other team members were also more than pleased with the work effort and work quality of the team.

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