SB-project: Website Development Using Service Design Methdods

The wet black autumn has started to get light from the first snow, and the frost has already reached the cold Nordic countries. For the mid-term review, the group achieved good theory base material and then learning and strengthening the progress with the project. We were supported by the idea that we were on the right track with service design in the first place and more information on how to continue moving forward. At this point, when I’m writing this blog, we’ve already got second theory bases written to further reinforce our thoughts.

In developing the website, we have utilized service design. At the beginning of the project, our client’s website was SEO-focused, and the pages contained a lot of technical text. We have created a completely new look of fresh for our client without forgetting the search engine optimization. Because one person with programming skills is missing from our project team, “coding” has been done through Wix. We have shared a website into areas that have been worked on as a pair.

Our client has actively participated in group meetings with the team. Our client has been very satisfied with our milestones and has given us more along the way. Originally, the website was not reliable and the scathing on the site was really confusing.

Our project team is international, one Spanish, one German and the remaining six Finns. The project spirit has been good, and everyone has got along very well. It has been very easy for everyone to work with each other.

Christmas is getting close and it’s time to finish all our projects soon and present the finished outputs at the project seminar. Vicky, Alina, Marcel, Anton, Minna, Tiina, Teemu P, Teemu V wish everyone a happy Christmas.

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