The digital marketing campaign for a startup company-project progress

The goals of our project were to help a new startup company to improve their marketing and communications. In other words, make their company more visible and ready to work.

During this past semester, we have done lots of research. We started our project by doing market research for the customer for the chosen countries: Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. And then we searched information about what are regulations for the chosen countries about the product and with using it. We also did competitor research and found out more about the target group and who the product and marketing are done for the first hand. We sought out potential customers and wrote down all the contact info etc. So that the customer can just contact them.

As the research was done, we were ready to create a corporate identity and determine the main values and what the company stands for. Then we made recommendations on the right channels for social media marketing. And finally, we did a marketing plan for the company; how marketing is done and how to use chosen social media channels. Our main target was to give the client something to start with.

Now the project is ending, and we are preparing the final presentation for the client where we will present the results of the project. This project has been very interesting for all of us. It has been educational to work with a startup company and give them new perspectives on future marketing and customer acquisition. We have also grouped well among the team during the project and thus it is sad to leave this project. We would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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