Service Design

International Team working in collaboration with Laurea Marketing – project 2023

Writers: Jesus Esparza, Paule Jean This student project is composed of four Finnish students and four exchange students from Mexico, France, Romania and Japan. The client was Laurea Marketing and the purpose of this project was to assist Laurea’s marketing department in promoting the university, improving its marketing and developing its visibility to attract local … Read more

Workshop together with teachers from Latin America

Purpose of our project Our project team’s assignment in Service Design course is to make introduction videos for HEIComp Canvas course. HEIComp canvas course consist of eight modules that contain information on how to run the project and how the teacher’s role in the project is different compared to regular university teacher role. Project team … Read more

Service Designing a digital platform for first homeowners

Understanding your customers’ needs is one of the most important assets when designing a service. Making your target group involved with the designing process saves time and money, as it helps to know who, why, and what you are designing for. When the target group has been included in the process, the result is already … Read more

What is done during a website design process?

WHAT IS DONE DURING A WEBSITE DESIGN PROCESS? We are an SBA project team who designs a new website to The Finnish Railway Museum. They asked us to do a new design for a new website. We did a couple of design documents after doing a user study of the old site and site mapping … Read more

Learning by developing (P2P) around the world – Join our journey! 

Students have challenges to combine theoretical and practical learning. What would it be like to gain work experience during your studies? How to become more professional while work studying? Laurea has responded to these challenges for students. Laurea has found a new way to combine academic and real-life learning. P2P is a great way to … Read more

The future is now – Project: Integrate human robot into daily life

How to place a human robot in everyday life? Students from different cultures at Laurea University of Applied Sciences are dealing with this question in their project “Integrate Human Robots Fall 2022”. For this special project, Laurea was able to work along with one of their key partner Lauttasaaren senioritalo. The senior residence is located … Read more

Harsh winters and a grumpy nation – how to make Finland an attractive place for foreign workers and how to reach them?

We started the project in August, and even though we still have work to do, we have made a lot of progress since then. Our goals were to find out suitable countries to recruit hospitality workers to Finland, through what channel(s) would be the best to recruit them, what factors make our client an appealing … Read more

International recruitment for Finlands hospitality industry – Service Design Hyvinkää P2P/SBA Fall 2022

When it comes to Finland’s strongest and most important economy sectors, the hospitality industry plays an undeniable leading role. Besides the number of jobs it creates, it also shapes the image of Finland as a country around the world. Nevertheless, there is big demand for people working in this industry. Often it requires a lot … Read more

Planning implementation of a service design project in hotel industry

This project started in August 2022 and the client is Hotel Sveitsi. Hotel Sveitsi is a modern hotel that opened in 2017 and offers services to single travelers and families staying at the hotel. They won Finland’s leading resort 2022 -price in the World Travel Awards competition for the third time, last time in 2019 … Read more