Service Design & Value Proposal of Museum shop

Our client: Finish glass museum.

The team: Jenni Koski, Monica Ordiales, Milja Laako, Tuomo Schneck, Elisa Kallunki, Rosaliina Viljanen & Nuria Monge. Through the method P2P of the Laurea University on the project of Service and Value Proposal of Museum Shop.

The main purpose of this project is helping the museum shop to find ways to profit it.  We are working to find a better implementation the pricing of the products and increasing turnover, analyzing the products, the rotation and finding new products. On the hand, improve their image improving and implementing different action of marketing.

The finish glass museum has operated and open to the public since 1965 in a renovated glasswork in Riihimäki. The collection is focusing on glass design, art and the history. They have also a great quantity of temporary exhibition in addition to changing the exhibits, which makes it a fairly interactive museum.

After several meetings, only the team and also with the client, we decide different action to achieve the objectives established.

Between those actions we are developing first the analysis of products turnover, the pricing/profitability and the rotation, also the best sellers and the reasons why that is easier to sell these ones.

Another important point to highlight is the analysis of the sustainability in business.

Secondly, we are creating different marketing actions to improve the image and make them known and specially the shop. To work up these actions, first of all, we did an analysis of the situation. We are focusing our effort around social media and market the products. Creating a social media plan for a year (2022) to have more interaction with the public, and proposing different marketing strategies like product placement,

We hope to find a balance in the prices and products of the museum store, being more profitable and giving it a proposal value.

Furthermore, make them better known and have a more accessible and easy communication with the public, which attracts more customers to the establishment.

To finish, I encourage you to go visit The Suomi glass museum and visit the store, in addition to following them on social networks to be informed of all the new events.

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