Digital Marketing Campaign

The digital marketing campaign for a startup company-project progress

The goals of our project were to help a new startup company to improve their marketing and communications. In other words, make their company more visible and ready to work. During this past semester, we have done lots of research. We started our project by doing market research for the customer for the chosen countries: … Read more

Beginning of the project with a startup company – FireSea Equipment Oy

FireSea Equipment Oy is a new startup company that makes fire safety solutions for electric vehicles. They started in spring 2020 their business. The company found out a few years ago that extinguishing the fire from an electric vehicle is very hard. Because electric vehicles are getting more popular, there must be a solution to … Read more

The SFinLit Project

We worked on a project with the University of Laurea as a client. This project will ultimately be used by several universities and schools around the world. Our project consists of developing a digital marketing campaign plan for a more general Green litaracy financial project. Thus, following interviews, studies and analyzes, we have created a … Read more

Creating a Social Media Campaign for Interfire Products

International marketing is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, due to globalization, but also because the importance of social media continues to grow. Many companies want to sell their products in more markets than just their home market. This spring we have the opportunity to take the visibility of Interfire Products Oy … Read more