Project Bonne: Sampling products with exchange students

On Monday 27.11.2023 a much-awaited occasion was finally at hand: as a part of our International teamwork with Bonne Juomat Oy, we received a variety of products in order to know what we are actually dealing with, since marketing products unknown is no good practice! Our team consists of members from Latin America and South-East Asia along with the Finnish members meaning the palate can vary quite a lot, so without further ado we went at it with high expectations. The products samples are as follows:

Spring water in carton form, the classic blueberry juice and two varieties of concentrated vitamin shots.

At first glance especially the “Bär Shots” received some worry from the student group: despite the name connotation they do not as a matter of fact contain any alcohol! With this cleared, it was time to tackle all products one by one.

Aqua Finlandia

Tastes plain water, no surprises there.

What makes this product distinguishable is the form of packaging. Since most consumers are familiar with bottled water it may come as a surprise that a biodegradable or burnable waste can be used instead of the main culprit of world’s litter problem. The label is very Finnish in terms of name, the Avainlippumerkki™, colors and even the cartoony Saimaa ringed seal.

The seal in label can be misleading! Carton is great for recycling.

The taste got an average of 4,4 out of 5 from our panel, which is no surprise with the usual quality of Finnish water sources.

Bonne Mustikkamehu

It is rich, smooth and pleasant to the palate. It’s simple as if it were water with fruit extract.

The classic taste of blueberry juice by Bonne received much praise from the panel, but also a reminder that worldwide audiences indeed have a strong variety in their preferred levels of sweetness and flavour!

The packaging is normal compared with other juices. However, the straw is very innovative.

Once again it is notable that sustainability is a common nominator in customer values. Sure the carton straw can be a divisive factor due their chances of leaking papery taste into the product or just melting while in use but it is in accordance to the new reduced plastic standards.

Nice packaging, small and good for on-the-go. Only downside is the carton straw, makes the juice taste like carton a little bit and the straw cut in half at first when opening package.

Overall, the product received a score of 3,6 out of 5 from our panel.

Bär-shot Thornberry-Ginger

The real contenders are the strong flavored, concentrate like berry shots of Bonne. Thornberry, while known for it’s qualities in health benefits and vitamin concentration is one to either make you avoid it or love it.

Smell is strongly ginger-like. Aftertaste is great, feels like I ate a lemon.

Maistui todella terveelliselle shotille. Maku parani loppua kohden. Inkiväärin pystyi maistamaan hyvin. Lupausten mukaisesti shotti oli piristävä.

Too healthy, too sour.

As the label states it’s designed for “Piristystä” or “refreshing”, it certainly has that effect. Although it lacks any caffeine or other additives, the sourness gives that little jumpstart that can also give you a little sweating from the sourness. Package also got mentioned about it’s cuteness!

Score: 3,3/5

Bär-shot Blackcurrant-ginger

Combining blackcurrant and ginger is a surprising blend! Opening the bottle gives out a scent totally different from the actual taste. This especially should do well with the international crowd. As it turns out it does at least with our little group. As the label differentiates the two products, this one is for “inspiration” and it’s obvious that inspiration is what has sparked this product becoming available!

“It has a strong, bitter flavor and is very seasoned. Its sweeter than the Thornberry Shot.

Ginger smell is strong, taste gets a little distracting. Blackcurrant tastes healthy.

Score: 4,1/5


Overall, the products do have a premium feeling to them which explains the slightly higher price point. The receptions even from those unfamiliar with Finnish palate enjoyed the otherwise familiar blueberry for example. The tanginess of the shots with their ginger infusion was a real punch, even if you do enjoy sourness! The packaging received appraisal, but one can’t help but wonder how come the shots are still packaged in small plastic bottles that are a little too easy to throw away to the nearest mixed waste disposal? Maybe uniform and a distinguishable attribute to Bonne would be to be completely biodegradable in their product lines.

Since our project included international market research, this product testing includes our project team’s views on the international desirability of these products. Our team considered the international desirability of the products to be good: 87 % of the products were perceived as ”probably” or ”very likely” to sell on the in-ternational market.

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