International Digital Marketing Project for Bonne Juomat Oy

Need a refreshing break from your studies?

Try these Bonne juices and purees during your break to get your mind back on track!

All of their products are made from 100% sustainable ingredients with no added sugar. Simply high quality fruits and berries included. Unnecessary additives and preservatives are not welcome in their products. All of their products are produced in Finland.

Why am I telling you this?

Laurea’s business students are cooperating with Bonne Juomat in this International Digital marketing research -project.

Our project team is luckily very international which is advantageous for us in this project. We have varied views from different countries. In our team we have international students from Hungary, Ukraine, France and Finland. Betti and Csenge from Hungary as secretaries, Yevheniia from Ukraine as a communication coordinator, as well as me Tytti, Satu as a wellbeing coordinator and Laurent from France as a project manager.

We started to create this project together on the 16th of January and at the moment we are close to finishing it. The whole team bonded immediately and it has been amazing to work with such an amazing team. Our communication and planning is pure gold.

Even tho the project implementation sounded challenging at first, we made this project work and we’ll make our client happy from the results we will find out.

Like we told our client in our initial meeting – challenge accepted!

From the beginning, together with our team, we worked tirelessly to create our project plan we showed to our client in our brief meeting with him. At first we made some drafts and for our meeting with the client we put it all together to our PowerPoint viewing for the client.

Next steps were our client’s acceptance for our project plan and signing up the agreement with us, then we were ready to start to find a right target groups for our research.

The client wants to increase their sales 25% on international markets, so we decided to create a marketing research and questionnaire for the international consumers about Bonne drinks.

Our target is, as our client’s wish was, that we will do this research how could they get to that. Together with our client’s agreement, we decided to which countries target our research and questionnaire. We chose 6 different main countries to target on, as there is six of us students – one country to each student for the research to share the tasks.

After choosing the right countries for Bonne drinks to market on, we planned the right questions for the consumers about juices in general following questions about Bonne’s prices, packaging and slogan’s. Do they add up with the product’s appearance and values, or what they could do better to find their place on the international markets with international consumers. In total we chose 35 different questions about juices and purees. Layout of the questionnaire looked really good, so colourful and juicy, as Bonne is as a brand!

We found publishing the marketing questionnaire little bit more challenging as we were expecting.. We were contacting our target groups in Facebook, Reddit and in some forums. Some of them approved to publish the questionnaire on their page, as many didn’t approve us to post it. We still didn’t quit but tried to find more groups in other channels to contact Bonnes possible customers.

Now in the Final line of our project, we are hopefully waiting for the last answers to our questionnaire. We got Bonnes permission toput up little lottery among the people who complete the questionnaire form. We hope it will tempt more people around the world to help us with this research. In our last week of this project, we will soon close the questionnaire and start to gather the answers and analyse the results.

On our final phase of the project, after analysing all the answers and results, we have planned a finishing meeting with our client Bonne, where we will implement a comprehensive presentation about the results we found out in our marketing research.

Leave all these questions mentioned above for us, we will find out the results soon in this month!

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