Year: 2020

Introduction to Keeping up with the elderly

Hello you and welcome to join our journey to “keep up with the elderly”! We are 3 social service students diving into hot topics concerning the elderly and learning what life is like in an elderly home. Hopefully, we are able to gain as much knowledge on this topic to share with you readers! Our …

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Informal Care – Child’s perspective

All our blog posts written in Maria’s or Joonatan’s point of view are partly based on the interview we did with our working life representative  “I haven’t been able to go anywhere in soooo long time. My mom says it’s not just because of my illness anymore but also because there is this other disease called corona that has made many people sick. She seems pretty stressed about …

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Informal care – Mother’s perspective

All our blog posts written in Maria’s or Joonatan’s point of view are partly based on the interview we did with our working life representative ”Corona has affected our, and everybody’s lives greatly, but in different ways. Generally, people have had to change their methods of working, or at least be a lot more careful …

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Lives Left Ungrievable

-The concerning rise in drug deaths- In an era where retrieving drugs can be more or less, as simple as an order from the internet, a delivery to your doorstep like pizza, getting your hands on drugs is easier than ever. Considering even this revelation alone, the boost in drug-related deaths might not come as …

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Immigrant Bloggers

 In this blog, we are going to tell you about refugees coming to Finland. How the process works from the beginning, when they were still in refugee camps and how they got the chance to come to Finland, etc. The main subjects we will focus on in the blog are: 


We are three second year students studying social services in Tikkurila’s campus. Our topic for this blog is informal care for children. We chose this topic because working with children is important to all of us and within all informal care cases, being caregiver to one’s own child is only 15%. Elderly informal care is …

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Hotel Sveitsi – Towards a safer future!

Hotel Sveitsi is a modern conference and experience center located in Hyvinkää. The hotel has 182 accommodation rooms and more than 30 different conference rooms. In addition to conference and accommodation services, you can also find Sveitsi swimming hall, BioRex Cinemas, FitPark Sveitsi fitness centre, beauty center Salon-Ki Sveitsi as well as Superpark for younger people and WayOut Sveitsi escape rooms, all under the same roof.