Restaurant Roima and MissionZeroFoodprint

Restaurant Roima is another one of the establishments that are working with us during the piloting for MissionZeroFoodprint. They are located at the Vantaa Loiste building which is at the Plaza Business park that is at the intersection of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. This is a casual lunch restaurant that is open to everyone. There are currently eight people working there as of now.

Their goal with Mission Zero Foodprint is to reduce their waste by 20% while using the digital solution Hukka AI.  Hukka AI is a service that is used to measure their food loss and they have been able to measure their plate loss from a couple of different angles. When they are measuring their food loss, their food loss is coming from a couple of different directions such as food lost during preparation, food lost from customers putting too much food on their own plates, and food loss from the end of the lunch buffet from over-preparing. In recent studies, the biggest loss of food, especially in the context of a buffet style, is the over the preparation of too much food.A way they like to combat the food loss from the buffet and over prep is at the end of lunch they have a ‘food loss quarter’ which essentially customers can buy in bulk the left-over food they have at a discount price. They are getting rid of all their overprepared foods and making sure none of it gets thrown away.  

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Digital solution Hukka Ai

Not only have they been cutting food loss as much as they can, but they have also been editing their menu a little bit. There are currently two hot dishes where one of them is a vegetarian option, one is a meat option, then their ‘third’ menu item, is for example just whatever is going to be at a loss maybe soon in the food warehouse or bonus food from yesterday. So for their third option, there is no way for them to tell ahead of time what it is going to be. Roima is not looking to change into a more vegetarian-based establishment, but they are looking to just add some more vegetarian options. 

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Some of the goods Roima is cooking up!

Roima has paid attention to energy efficiency. One example of how they are doing this is by turning on dishwashers later than normal and it is not used empty or half full. By doing this they are saving electricity and water. When other appliances are not in use they do not let them run idle, instead, they just turn them off. For the piloting and the future, they will continue to pay attention to reducing food waste and be aware of their daily operations. For example by ordering raw materials on time and only in the required quantity, so no ordering in bulk in case of products going to waste. 

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To get a better idea of how they are trying to be sustainable head over to Restaurant Roima and see how they do it in person yourself! 

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