Mission Zero Foodprint – digital solutions

The Mission Zero Foodprint pilot restaurants have been working with one of three digital solutions in order to combat the idea of sustainability to whichever solution they deem fit for them. The tested solutions are provided by Clonet, TotalCtrl and HukkaAI. These three digital solutions are trying to combat a certain aspect of sustainability that has become very important in today’s standards for how restaurants could become more sustainable.

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Krapihovi and Mission Zero Foodprint

Take a look Krapihovi, one of the Mission Zero Foodprint pilot restaurants! It´s located on the shores of Lake Tuusulajärvi, 30 km from center of Helsinki and 15 km from Helsinki Vantaa Airport. Restaurant Krapihovi offers a rich, Finnish buffet, where pure and fresh ingredients from the surrounding area are especially important. Buffet dishes vary according to the seasons. 

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Restaurant Nokka and Mission Zero Foodprint

Restaurant Nokka has been a pioneer in serving its customers dishes made from Finnish seasonal food for almost 20 years, raising the respect for domestic ingredients long before it has become trendy. We interviewed Ari Ruoho, the kitchen manager and Terhi Vitikka, the restaurant manager, about the operations of Restaurant Nokka, where responsibility, ecology and avoiding food waste have been the guiding principles of the operations for years.

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Kotipizza and MissionZeroFoodprint

Kotipizza is another one of our piloting restaurants over with us at Mission Zero Foodprint. We are lucky enough to get in touch with the sustainability specialist Sara Anttila over at Kotipizza. Kotipizza is the largest pizza restaurant chain in the Nordic countries which was founded in 1987. It is a part of Kotipizza Group which operates a chain of pizza franchises in Finland. They have about 290 locations all throughout Finland which is run by franchisees. This chain is your typical casual pizza setting restaurant which a large assortment of pizzas for you to choose from.

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Cafe Tin Tin Tango and MissionZeroFoodprint

Get to know Café Tin Tin Tango in Helsinki! This is another restaurant that is working with Mission Zero Foodprint in the battle of sustainability and doing whatever they can do to make a change for the future. A quick little back story about this establishment, we interviewed Tio Tikka to get to know them a little bit more.

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Restaurant Roima and MissionZeroFoodprint

Restaurant Roima is another one of the establishments that are working with us during the piloting for Mission Zero Foodprint. They are located at the Vantaa Loiste building which is at the Plaza Business park that is at the intersection of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. This is a casual lunch restaurant that is open to everyone. There are currently eight people working there as of now.

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Pizzeria Via Tribunali and MissionZeroFoodprint

Get to know another one of our pilot restaurants! Pizzeria Via Tribunali is a Neapolitan restaurant that is working with us over at Mission Zero Foodprint. We took it up with Sami Benamed, who is the CEO to give a small interview to talk about their establishment, what they do, what they are willing to achieve while working with us, and what are their future plans when it comes to sustainability.

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BarLaurea and MissionZeroFoodprint

BarLaurea is one of our pilot restaurants working with Mission Zero Foodprint. BarLaurea is a restaurant that is located at Laurea University of Applied Sciences inside the Leppävaara campus. It is not located in any other university locations so this is one of a kind. We decided to interview one of the heads of the establishment Restaurant Manager Teemu Sirainen to get a bit of a better look at what they are doing, what they are looking to do in the future, and which digital solution they are working with while working with us.

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