Transform your Garden to reflect on your Garden Personality Style, Take the Quiz now! – campaign plan

Half of the project has already been completed in the blink of an eye and spring is also well under way. Due to the current world situation, we have been working remotely through teams throughout the project. Because our project is international, we have had the honor of getting two exchange students into our project to also give a new perspective to the project. I think each of us was initially worried about how communication in English would go throughout the project among all team members, but I can proudly say that my English and everyone else’s English-speaking skills and courage have improved as the project progresses toward the end.

In our project, we are planning an international marketing campaign for a garden design stories company. Our client Garden Design Stories is company that gives different gardening advice. Garden Design Stories also help you create your dream garden, and it is a source of well-being and an enjoyable of your life. Garden Design Stories are part of company Puksipuu. These two companies are operated by Sari Lampinen who is a professional garden designer.

The planning of the campaign has been interesting because we have been able to get acquainted and learn many new things. For example, we have used Canvas to create various advertisements on social media channels, we have been able to learn from Google advertising and to create new logos for the company.  We have done example these social media ads (Pinterest and Instagram) for our client. We have also made a couple of new variations of the new logo for our client Sari Lampinen from garden design stories.

In other words, so far, we have been able to learn a lot and get to know the members of our amazing team. There is still half of the project left and we cannot wait for our project to be completed with good results!

Here are also links to the company’s website! 🌸

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