Working on international project remotely – Project Moose Activities

In this project we are working in an international project team which is why all communication is done in English. I found that to be very useful in improving my language skills. Aside from that, the nature of this project is different than ones that I have had before, so it feels very refreshing.  

Our client is Jouni, the owner of Moose Activities Oy. Moose Activities is a nature program service house which serves customers, who are mainly Finnish companies, communities and their various stakeholders by offering team building activities. 

The company operates mainly in the region of Southern Finland, from the archipelago to the wilderness of Nuuksio and Sipoonkorpi and in various cultural environments. 

Our project team’s main goal is to improve Jouni’s website and in addition to create and vitalize its social media channels by creating new content. That seems to be pretty common implementation but it’s still new for me and the international aspect makes the whole thing more exciting.  

Most of us have never seen each other except on the computer screen. However, remote working is useful because of its ease and possibilities. The team members are able to participate despite not necessarily being in the same country. In our case, one of us is participating from Germany. 

Up to this point, which is middle of march, we have managed to climb faster towards our goals than I thought in the beginning.  The rest of this project is expected to be as productive as it has been. I have a strong feeling that our client will be very satisfied with our work in the end. 

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