Business Management

The future is now – Project: Integrate human robot into daily life

How to place a human robot in everyday life? Students from different cultures at Laurea University of Applied Sciences are dealing with this question in their project “Integrate Human Robots Fall 2022”. For this special project, Laurea was able to work along with one of their key partner Lauttasaaren senioritalo. The senior residence is located … Read more

Harsh winters and a grumpy nation – how to make Finland an attractive place for foreign workers and how to reach them?

We started the project in August, and even though we still have work to do, we have made a lot of progress since then. Our goals were to find out suitable countries to recruit hospitality workers to Finland, through what channel(s) would be the best to recruit them, what factors make our client an appealing … Read more

International recruitment for Finlands hospitality industry – Service Design Hyvinkää P2P/SBA Fall 2022

When it comes to Finland’s strongest and most important economy sectors, the hospitality industry plays an undeniable leading role. Besides the number of jobs it creates, it also shapes the image of Finland as a country around the world. Nevertheless, there is big demand for people working in this industry. Often it requires a lot … Read more

Bear Marketing Campaign: Hungry as a bear? Come to Karhunpesä!

Who are we and what we are doing here? We are an international marketing project team, which is working this spring with Hotel Svetsi, the permanent partner of Laurea, and Kaisu, its HR and Sales specialist. This time our project team got the opportunity to create a marketing campaign for the restaurant Karhunpesä. The main … Read more

Creating a Social Media Campaign for Interfire Products

International marketing is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, due to globalization, but also because the importance of social media continues to grow. Many companies want to sell their products in more markets than just their home market. This spring we have the opportunity to take the visibility of Interfire Products Oy … Read more

Working on international project remotely – Project Moose Activities

In this project we are working in an international project team which is why all communication is done in English. I found that to be very useful in improving my language skills. Aside from that, the nature of this project is different than ones that I have had before, so it feels very refreshing.  

Researching new foreign markets – Finnvoda

Our project team started working at the beginning of 2021 with Esa Aalto from Finnvoda. Finnvoda is a company that sells reverse osmosis systems for water purification. Now you might wonder what even is reverse osmosis? Well, it is a special kind of method where contaminated water is forced with pressure through a partially permeable … Read more

Beginning of the project – International project in wood processing industry

Our Service Business-project has started very nicely. Projects are online in this semester. This brought some challenges, but so far everything has gone well. In the project we have many kind of people from many different backgrounds. This makes this project even more interesting. International projects also creates challenges, especially about communication and language skills. … Read more