#Do Something for Nothing


#dosomethingfornothing is a movement created by Joshua Coombes, a hairdresser in the UK that decided to follow the example of others around the world and become a solidary hairdresser. He cuts the hair of the homeless for free and in return, he listens do their life stories. There are a few hairdressers doing this already, but Joshua wanted to go further and make a difference. His goal was to get as many people as possible into the movement #dosomethingfornothing and humanize homeless people.

The night of the homeless (Asunnotomien yö), where our project took part, is an annual event focus on poverty and social exclusion. Homeless people are lonely, vulnerable, many times victims of violence and discriminated by others. In this homeless event where we were in Vantaa, there was food and clothes donation and a very special space called beauty salon, where homeless could cut their hairs, have a hands massage and treatment, all for free provided by volunteers. The line was huge, and haircuts were the success of the night with men and women making a long queue waiting for a new look so meaningful.

Picture taken in the Homeless night event in Vantaa 17.10.2019

“One act of kindness can create a ripple effect” – unknown author

If you think about it, a haircut can make wonders. “The hair cut has restored his dignity, self-esteem and confidence”, recalls Joshua Coombes from one of the times when he was cutting the hair of a homeless man in London. (Observador)

Homeless people feel invisible, hopeless, with no self-esteem and with lack of compassion. The movement #donothingforsomething is intended to tell people that the smallest kindness act can offer so much to someone. We all can do more and meaningful actions.

This movement is spread in social media and it does influence people to think and reflect on what is going on around them and what we do to others matters.

I truly believe in small actions, actions of kindness that empowers others. Compassion is needed everywhere and is never too late to start practicing it in the best way we know. Homeless people go through a lot and who knows what their story of life is and how they feel living in the streets. They need someone who can listen to them and show care. I am glad there are still people like Joshua Coombes who cares to do something to nothing!


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  1. Very comprehensive Post Susana! great job! the ideas for helping homeless people is really close to paperless people . there are plenty of chances to make a better life for them. they indeed need services even in a small one to include them into the society. The feeling of being included with others is something necessary. I wish our blogs here can influences on those people positively.