How does one create those decent jobs? PART 2

Dear Reader, according to the UN´s Sustainable Development Goal #8, the job creation happens by improving women´s employment possibilities, by educating the youth and providing them with the skills which match the labour market needs. The local communities and authorities need to cooperate in this plan and work towards building a more communal society.

So here we have the master plan by UN! But how come then we here in Finland have difficulties in tackling the youth unemployment issue? In Finland, we have the equal opportunities and endless education possibilities. So what is the solution for the youth here?

Since there is no clear answer to that question, let us jump to Uganda where the job creation is a true work in progress. Since when there are limited possibilities to find a job or to get a decent earning from it, many Ugandan citizen has become self-employed. More than every fourth citizen there is an entrepreneur. Uganda´s population is 43 million inhabitants. The demand is there.

“One needs to be brave and have a good strategy. And one needs to get information about entrepreneurship.” Sandra Letio (31), Owner of Letion Pelere Group in Uganda

Uganda has also managed to attract a lot of foreign investors. This positive progress has only been made possible through governmental input: training the people in entrepreneurship and making affordable loans with reasonable interest available. Uganda has also made trade agreements in between other countries and improved the country´s image in business-wise. There is also a growing number of socially responsible entrepreneurs but such businesses need more support and funding than conventional businesses. Times are changing; progress is there towards more sustainable and responsible society. Uganda, you rock!

I wish there could be more and more this type of news from other countries too. Maybe from Finland soon?

“My story proves that you do not always need big money to succeed. When you have enough of enthusiasm, hard work and courage, you can succeed and make an impact.” Sandra Letio (31), Owner of Letion Pelere Group in Uganda

Lundin, S. 2019. Uganda yrittää. Kehitys-Utveckling 1/2019, 15-19.

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  1. That was a great post, I agreed in Finland we all have the same opportunities but I also feel like the youth aren’t motivated enough by the adults in their lives and I mean the teachers, guidence counselor etc. The change is doable but it will take effort. Oh, It was nice to read about Uganda’s positive progress, you can achieve many things when the goverment is backing you up and supporting you. I think Finland has alot of “paperi byrokratiaa” which makes it difficult for people to take initiative.

  2. Globalpäivi

    Education! Education! Education! Like you wrote at the begginning, providing education for youth it raises awareness and knowledge. Improving women’s employment is great news because there is still countries where women’s employment positions are not equal comparing to men’s. I might repeat myself but providing education and sharing knowledge it raises awareness in many levels.