I am home

Having a place to call home is not that simple. Home might not be the physical place where we sleep and eat everyday. Home can be also in many places.

Home is something that you make yourself, affected by the people around you. It is not something yet ready, rather it is a lifelong process. It can change and mold during life.

In a home we should have the possibility to be who we are. To be free from the outside world, to be able to breath and get new energy to head out to the world, to face the challenges, to be even stronger. It is important that we built a place around us that supports us as well as we are supporting other members of our home. Home is also about giving and receiving.

All in all we are happy to say that even from what situation you are in and what background you are from, you are able to have a place and a feeling that you are at home. It might not happen right a way, not in a year, or not until you are 80 years old. It is really a lifelong process which is affected by our surroundings, our own choices, the effort and the attitude we have.

If we stay constantly negative about it, saying that “this will never be my home”, seeing only negativity in it, then it will never be. But if we see the window of positivity, one thing that could make it feel like home, take it, grab it and make it your own, make it feel like home.

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