As you may have noticed from our groups previous blog posts, we are doing a project work for Sininauhasäätiö ( On this post I’m trying to share my thoughts and feelings on how my first steps felt working with their respectable foundation.

“Towards a brighter future, one step at a time.” Picture by: Miikka Toroi

Prior to this project I had never come across Sininauhasäätiö, so I decided to keep my mind open, and try to learn what I can.

Sininauhasäätiö is doing an important job in their respectable field of work. When I stepped into their “office” for the first time, I instantly noticed the variety of people using their services. I couldn’t just point out one specific group of people who would be in need of their support. This made me think about their ability to get people together and connect with each others. Having people from many different backgrounds lays a solid foundation for the future, people get to know new people, they learn to behave and respect others. Without common respect for others it would be really hard to adapt to the “normal” world.

For their customers they offer breakfast, a chance to wash your clothes and take a shower, they give away clothes, and offer a place to hang out in during the day. They also have “arranged activities for their customers, for example playing cards, a pool table and a computer with internet access” just to name some. ( They also help their customers problems concerning accomodation and they help dealing with bureau related things.

So when walking out of their office, I was left with a feeling that they are doing a really important work, and they really try to help the people to get back to the society, which doesn’t happen easy or fast. They gave me a spark that even I can do something for these people. There is always hope. With this said I’m looking forward for the future project to unfold and see where it takes me.


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