The government decided on the number of quota refugees in 2021

I decided to write about this news article that I found in mtv news. The news tells about the government has decided that it will take more refugees in 2021 than it took in 2020. In 2021 Finland will take 1050 quota refugees and this year Finland took 850. When my group the immigrant bloggers had our had our interview whit our working life representive, he told us that he hopes that we could take more quota refugees. So, I think he will be happy about this news.

Finland will take 550 Syrians from Lebanon and Turkey and 250 Congolese from Zambia next year. Finland is also ready to take 120 so called emergency cases and Finland will stick to try and take mostly women or children.

I think its really good that we are helping more refugees in need but I am worried that are we able to help them integrate. I think the process after they get here is the most important. The quota refugees usually haven’t had the best of life and because of that they need support. They need to feel safe, welcome and that they can trust the people in their community. In Finland there has also always been lots of racism and that’s why I am also worried in how Finnish people will react to more quota refugees.

In the article there was a comment that a minister had said about Finland having all the opportunity to help people in need. I think we have everything we need to help people but are Finnish people ready to help so many. Integration is a two-way process. The refugees need to do their part but we need to also be willing to give them a chance.