Thank you for this journey!

Picture by: Katja Mattila

Thank you for this beautiful journey we were on together. Thank you Sininauhasäätiö and the wonderful customers we met and had the privilege to get to know to even if it was just a little bit. Thank you for having us and keeping an open mind towards our project.

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Let it flow

Picture by: Katja Mattila

For my last blog entry, I decided to talk about the power of music in making a change. Music can really make a difference in influencing people and their way of thinking. It is also a therapeutic way to deal with your emotions. You don’t need the same language to be able to feel the music you are listening to. For me, music has always brought me closer to people and helped me to deal with painful emotions.

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Are you Left outside?

Kuusamo / Picture by Katja Mattila

Have you ever felt like an outsider? Like you don’t belong into the society? Like there’s no place for you and you don’t know what you should do with your life. Maybe you could try to move somewhere else to get a job or a place to study in. Maybe it doesn’t work out no matter how hard you try and you get depressed and stop trying after a while. What happens then?

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“Every step is a new start.” These are lyrics of the song we made together with our customers from Askel kerrallaan when I was doing my first job placement there this spring. That sentence is a good way describing how deeply I got to know the people who took that one step and walked in ready to start again. But first let’s go back to the start…