The work is almost done in the project Moose Activities Oy

The project Moose Activities is going to end soon. During this spring we have created a lot of business development materials for our client. Results include: questionnaire, social media posts for Facebook and LinkedIn, website developments, new descriptions for programs, posters and much more.  

We have familiarized deeply with Jouni’s business during this spring and we have teached and inspired him to try new things. The interaction between the client and the project team has been constant and our co-operation has worked really well. Thank you Jouni! 

As I wrote in my previous blogpost, working in this international project team has been very pleasant experience. We have also used some softwares that most of us have never used, for example Adobe Spark recently. I personally have also developed my skills with Excel and Word too, since those were the softwares that we used the most during this project. Powerpoint and Canva have also been one of our main tools too.  

This will be my final project in Laurea (alongside the other project I am participating), because after this spring I have completed all of my mandatory projects. That means no more theory bases or skills demonstrations for me. I’m feeling quite wistful right now but I’m glad that my last projects have been so instructive and comfortable to work with.  

Summer is here soon and our team still has some things that need to be done. I hope that our client Jouni, the owner of Moose Activities Oy will be satisfied with our efforts and results and that he could improve his company even more, after this project is done. 

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