Does Video Games Make Children More Violent?

Does your child turn in to a school shooter by playing the infamous Grand Theft Auto game series? Does fighting games cause your child to be the Rocky Balboa of the school yard? Find out by checking out this post!

Age Restrictions

We all know that each video game has a age restriction concerning the material that is in the game. Why do we have age restrictions? Well, age restriction is the only way of knowing that the games harmfulness have been evaluated.

Why Do They Matter?

It is wide debated on that age the brain is taken into account “fully mature” or developed. within the past, several specialists believed that the brain could are done developing within the middle to late teens. Then on came some proof to counsel that development could last till a minimum of age twenty. Now days, neuroscientists agree that brain development continues till a minimum of the mid-20s or even until the 30s.

The reality that our brains aren’t developed till the middle 20s means “legal adults”. All occurences and happenings you go through till the age of twenty five have capability to impact your brain developement.


While priming somebody with a violent game could provide them easier access to thoughts associated with violence adjacent-concepts, analysis has shown that this result is fragile and short-lived. To be persise, it’s not enough to override all the ethics and positive traits to make us behave more violently towards another human being. Indeed, in longitudinal studies of violence and video games, taking alternative risk factors for violent behavior, as an example “substance abuse” “mental health issues” “prior aggressive behaviour” might change the end results, but that doesn’t still proof that the video games itself cause any aggression related occurences.


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