Every person has a human value.

No Papers, No Rights Team – Final Blog Post

Our No papers, No Rights-blog team is writing the autumn´s last blog now. We have been participating in a short-term project with the paperless people here in Helsinki in this autumn also. This has given us an eye-opening insight to this vulnerable group of people´s life amidst the national news and the political decisions. We have seen these people face to face. We have seen their struggle and pain. It is not easy to fit the news articles and these human beings with their personal stories in the same narrow picture. There is so much more to it.

Finnish authorities suspended deportations to Iraq

Last week Finnish authorities suspended deportations to Iraq, and have announced that they will reconsider around 500 negative asylum decsions. This follows a European High Court ruling that deemed Finland had been in breach of international law when it rejected an asylum application of an Iraqi national who was repatriated and then killed upon returning to Iraq in 2017. Sadly, this kind of retroactive justice is long overdue and costly, in terms of human life and resources.

Whether this latest development should give hope to those in asylum limbo, remains to be seen.

Ankle Monitors

Whether rejected asylum seekers should be forced to wear ankle monitors has been a topic of  much recent debate. Proponents say that ankle tags are a less restrictive alternative to detention. Yet it is hard to look past the fact that both detention and ankle monitors are usually used in dealing with convicted criminals.

The stigmatization of asylum seekers and the reduction of human dignity connected with these measures reflects on Finland’s reputation as an enlightened and progressive international actor.

Every person, with papers or with no papers, counts. Every person has a human value.

Our team says thank you to our audience.
Keep up with the hope for every human!



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  1. I’m not sure if ankle monitors are a human way to deal with these types of problems. This asylum seeker subject has been on the news for years now, and the debate in Finland is still going strong. As human dignity is part of the human rights in Finland, the stigmatization really hurts people affected by this, and needs to have a look at.