The importance of hobbies

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I have always felt that my hobbies have played a big part in my life. Why are hobbies important?

Hobbies are an effective ( and for the society a cheap) way to prevent social exclusion. Every child and youngster deserves a pleasant hobby for himself. Something where one can belong in a group and to get to experience the feeling of success and to feel like one matters. The experiences, friends and skills you gain from hobbies are a great asset.

I have gained numerous friends and have got to experience some of the best moments of my life while playing football, skateboarding or competing in computer games. The feeling of accomplishing something you have worked on very hard for a long time, the feelings of joy and happiness, and the feeling of togetherness. These are the feelings and memories I still return back to once in a while and reminisce. They empower me.

Could schools have a social worker acting as a hobby coordinator? A person, who would know the routines of the school days, the needs of the students and the local operatives who offer sports and hobby activities. It might not even be needed to be tied to just school. Even in leisure time there could be use for these type of people, who could exert inclusion, empower and integrate people, all with the power of hobbies. This would be an easy and cheap way for the society to offer low treshold hobby activities, where the money needed to participate are not that high.

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  1. I agree with you! A very simple and cost-effective way to empower and promote integration for not only children and youth, but adults as well! But, if we’re talking about children, I think the positive affects of a meaningful hobby goes further than just the wellbeing of a child. Hobbies develop social skills, which benefits the relationships outside of the hobby as well. It brings routines to a child’s life and thereofore, to the familys life. Providing hobbies for all children promotes equality between children. The list could probably go on..
    I think it would be a good idea to use school’s network in order to provide all children with a hobby 🙂