Saving everything around it.

Drug addictions are often seen as personal experiences and many might not take into consideration the fact that drugs and other substances can turn loving and caring homes into battle zones. Support for family members can often be overlooked and seen as unnecessary, when in fact, it is just as important as the support given …

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Preventing The Cycle 🔄

The risk of drug abuse increases a lot during negative life changes. For adults, this might be a divorce or a loss of a job. For a teenager it can be a parent’s divorce, changing schools, or moving. Children and young people are exposed to different kinds of substances such as cigarettes and alcohol during their school years.  (National Institute on …

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Just an addict?

Imagine yourself getting off work and you are walking to the grocery store. On your way there, you see a young woman sitting on the sidewalk with a needle. You already know what is going to happen. What is your first thought?

When a loved one uses

There is a lot of judgement and shame connected to substance abuse. Substance abuse and addiction affects not only the users themselves but their loved one’s as well. It’s hard to admit or talk about addiction, whether in a past or present sense. It’s equally hard to talk about the problems of substance abuse of …

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What is Substance Abuse and Addiction About?

A junkie. Someone, who lives for doing drugs. Indifferent. Uncontrollable and reckless. Steals, lies, cheats. Scary, aggressive, dangerous. Pathetic, miserable. Dirty. Hopeless. These are images that may pop up, when we think of a junkie. How does someone become a junkie? When I was a teenager, in the 90’s, a police officer visited our school …

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