How COVID-19 has affected the clientele

The number of asylum seekers has clearly decreased during the current pandemic. In April, Migri stated that no asylum applications had been submitted at Finland’s borders since the restrictions on border traffic were implemented on 19 March 2020. Asylum interviews – where the applicant’s identity is determined, the reason for seeking asylum and the itinerary on how they came to Finland is discussed -, only the busiest were carried out.

The interviews happen on premises where workers and customers can be adequately protected against possible infections. The interview rooms used have, among other things, protective plexuses to protect against droplet infections. The interviews can be done remotely.

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Loneliness among the elderly

Photo: Pixabay

Humans are creatures that need to socialize with others, and the connection we have with each other allows us to survive. Still, there are multiple lonely seniors in Finland. There are many reasons for loneliness, for example a death of a spouse, sickness or retiring. All seniors don’t have children or grandchildren, they live far or they are not in contact with each other.

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How the pandemic has affected substance abuse & services in Finland

Prior to starting this blog, we interviewed a professional from a substance abuse organization. During this interview we asked the professional how the COVID-19 has affected the substance abuse in Finland. For them personally the pandemic has not had a big effect when it comes to their work because they mostly handle phone- and online services. Regardless of this they have noticed the general decline in well being when it comes to the substance abuse service clients.  

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