Loneliness among the elderly

Humans are creatures that need to socialize with others, and the connection we have with each other allows us to survive. Still, there are multiple lonely seniors in Finland. There are many reasons for loneliness, for example a death of a spouse, sickness or retiring. All seniors don’t have children or grandchildren, they live far …

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The situation today

The situation today with elderly care is getting worse. We are heading for a crisis with many more people to be taken care of than there are people taking care of them. At the moment one nurse or practical nurse can be taking care of 12 elderly people during one shift unlike Denmark for example …

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The elderly population and discrimination in the global health

According to International Population Report 2015, elderly people make up of 8.5 percent (617 millions) of global population, the age range of 65 and over. Elderly population is rapidly growing in our world population. Due to their richness of life experiences and wisdom, they are one of the pivotal groups in our population, and most …

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