Checklist: are you an ally for a person with disability?

Positive changes in attitude towards disability and people with disability are on the way, and it would be right of us to do out part by checking ourselves and our attitudes, regarding this topic. There are many web resources out there teaching us to be better allies for people with disabilities, but I attempted to …

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Covid-19 and disabilities

In March 2020, the world stopped. Well figuratively speaking of course, but we were faced with a new virus which to this day has killed approximately 1,3million people worldwide. Reports have shown, that unless you are healthy and do not have any underlying risk factors, chances of infecting with a deadly version of Covid-19 are …

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Representation of disabilities in popular culture

Hello my dear student colleagues and welcome to our first blog! I thought it would be fun to start off with a little “lighter” angle to our world of disabilities – but something that I´ve been contemplating to write about for some time now. The heading itself might already be self-explanatory. So, when you think …

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Right to live a normal life

“Finnish law states that a disabled person must not be discriminated against because of his or her disability. A disabled person has the right to live a normal life, for example, to study, work and start a family. Finland is also committed to the UN treaty on the rights of persons with disabilities.”(infofinland)