Creating a Social Media Campaign for Interfire Products

International marketing is becoming more and more important. On the one hand, due to globalization, but also because the importance of social media continues to grow. Many companies want to sell their products in more markets than just their home market. This spring we have the opportunity to take the visibility of Interfire Products Oy beyond Finland by creating and implementing an international digital marketing campaign.

Our main goal is to develop and then successfully implement this marketing campaign. For this, however, some points need to be taken into consideration and some research needs to be done. First of all, we looked at the target markets for the campaign. These should be Austria, Germany, France and Great Britain. Since the campaign is to be carried out via social media, we then looked at the social media behavior of our target group in these countries to find out the appropriate channels. Based on this analysis, we decided that the campaign should be rolled out on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

We then took a closer look at our competitors in order to develop our strategy based on their social media use. We also looked for potential customers in each country. Since Interfire Products Oy’s products are mainly fire training or fire simulation, we focused our search mainly on fire brigades. With this research we learned a lot of interesting aspects about social media and user behavior.

We are currently in the process of developing the social media posts that will be posted on the various channels during the three-week campaign in April. Thereby, we put a special emphasis on the hashtags that should be used on Instagram, as they can increase the reach on that channel.

Meanwhile, about half of the project is over and the most exciting part is yet to come: the implementation. It will be very exciting during the three-week phase where the campaign is on air to observe the development and the reactions of the people. Once we have implemented the social media campaign we will analyze it afterwards to see how successful it was.

So far it has been a very exciting and varied project and we are looking forward to what is going to come.

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