The life of an Erasmus student at Laurea – SFinLit Project

My name is Geoffroy Rauch, I am a French student in the 2nd year of business school in Paris. I am in ERASMUS at Laurea University of Applied Sciences on the Hyvinkää campus for 6 months since January 2021. 

First of all, I chose Laurea and especially the Hyvinkää campus for the very professional aspect that the university offers in particular thanks to the group project which makes us work on a group mission of about 6 people directly with a Finnish or international company. 

One of my projects is in direct collaboration with the University of Laurea, which gave us the mission of developing a digital learning channel for secondary school students in order to train them and raise their awareness on financial decisions and on the management of a capital but without using only the economic aspect but also by using extra financial perspectives such as the social, environmental and good governance aspect. But also make them aware of the impact of an investment and how to manage an investment strategy. 

Once this project is completed, it will be used in many universities, schools and banks around the world. 

This way of working in a project was a very big change for me who is used to working very academically. The program offered by Laurea is a real added value that follows on from my very technical education received in France. In addition, I was able to learn a lot about Finnish culture thanks to my project mates and my teacher since Laurea, in order to integrate Erasmus students as well as possible, places at most two Erasmus students per project group and around 6 Finnish students. The many meetings that I had with my teammates and my teacher were more than moments of work but were real moments of sharing on the way of working and the Finnish culture. 

In addition, the campus of the University of Laurea in Hyvinkaa is very modern and allows us to perfectly meet the technical needs that we meet during the project, particularly with its large, very complete library which allows you to document as much as necessary on the various points discussed during the project. 

Despite the covid-19 crisis, the university has adapted by offering meetings on Teams and by giving Erasmus students the opportunity to come to campus to take advantage of the facilities. 

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