The SFinLit Project

We worked on a project with the University of Laurea as a client. This project will ultimately be used by several universities and schools around the world. Our project consists of developing a digital marketing campaign plan for a more general Green litaracy financial project. Thus, following interviews, studies and analyzes, we have created a … Read more

Social media marketing experience

In our project, we have done work related to social media marketing for restaurant Karhunpesä. The membership of our project team has included old and new students. Our project team has worked really well because all the students have to give different skills to the project work and thus all the members of the project … Read more

Finishing the project – International project in wood processing industry

Our international project started in January. Our project is about the wood processing industry and innovation in it. The beginning of the project, was a bit nerve-wracking, but at the same time exciting start, because most of our project team haven’t worked on a multicultural project before. But very quickly, our teamwork started to improve. … Read more