Network to Get Work – How I’ve got my trainee place

This is a name of a yearly recruitment event here at Laurea and I had a chance to interview a planning officer at career and recruitment services. We talked among other things about the importance of networking in finding a job. And this is exactly my story of how I got my internship place at Laurea. I’m going to tell you about it.

Last autumn on one of the Facebook groups for those looking for jobs or job related events or networking, like Maria 01, Shortcut Community, or NewCo Helsinki, I spotted an invitation to a workshop related to digital marketing. Because I developed some interest in this area, I signed up and came. It was part of the Expand2eBusiness project run by Laurea’s researchers. There I have met Laurea’s lecturers and researchers and of course many internationals. After the workshop, I was eager to do a small project for one of the SME that participated in the programme. I used my best skills that is writing to better advertise a rental cottage. Together with the owner and with Laurea’s help and supervision we decided what kind of stories would be best and would help to get the right kind of guests. I had a lovely and very helpful supervisor. The owner, an old lady was also very kind and so the work went very well.

Email from Laurea

In a meantime, I was looking for an internship. I wished to work in communications and because I have been interested in education (I’ve written a lot about Finnish education system and also I’ve been a science writer for years) school and university environment were a familiar setting to me. Hence, I asked the supervisor if she might know someone from communications at Laurea and if she knew whom to contact. To my surprise after just couple of days, I’ve got an email from Sanni Tanskanen, a development manager at Marketing and Communications inviting me for an interview. This is how I got the place. This is how networking works.

Networking is not easy, it demands time and effort and engagement. But it pays off. Everywhere, but especially in Finland, a small country where everyone knows each other and people trust each other. Hence, if you have time, follow different networking events, show up, talk with people, smile, try to be remembered. It is not easy for us, internationals, with work experience from abroad, from companies that are unknown here and with no sufficient Finnish. However, if you cannot change it, try even harder to network. I wish you and myself good luck!

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