The elderly population and discrimination in the global health

According to International Population Report 2015, elderly people make up of 8.5 percent (617 millions) of global population, the age range of 65 and over. Elderly population is rapidly growing in our world population. Due to their richness of life experiences and wisdom, they are one of the pivotal groups in our population, and most of them are politically active voting in political elections in Finland. However, there is a lack of enough workforce to work in caring of elderly people in Finland. The Finnish local news says that elderly people are having a hard time receiving care from health professionals since there is not enough nurses for them. By contemplating with the fact that there is not enough workforce for elderly people, we may have many questions such as “Is there any stereotyping ideas against elderly?” “If so, do people think critically about those stereotyping like they usually think critically about the stereotype against gender, sex and human rights?”

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Meaningful Minorities – Part II

Still quite a strong heterosexual norm exists in our society, causing prejudices and discrimination. How do those appear in our everyday life? Does media play a role in forming views? Can we see any actions for the better?

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