Inclusion in the child protective services

In the final blog post of our group, I set out to outline the possibilities the working life representatives we interviewed for this course have of reinforcing inclusion in their respective fields. We interviewed three professionals working in different units of child protective services and in this post I shall explain how they see their opportunities to affect their clients perception of being included.

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Children’s Rights Week

This week, all around the world, we celebrate the Children’s Rights Week. The World Children’s Day is held on the 20th November.

World Children’s Day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and is celebrated on 20 November each year to promote international togetherness, awareness among children worldwide, and improving children’s welfare.

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Child protection and COVID-19

My blog writing has come to an end as I start the last round of our groups blog posts and therefore write my last blog post. I chose a topic which is a fairly topical issue at the moment. I want to look more into the effects that COVID-19 has had in the social sector and especially in the field of child protective services.

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Raising happy children

There are a lot of different methods, when bringing up a child, which one can use as a preventive tool or as a help to solve problems. Many times communication between a child and their parent or other adults in their life can be problematic. I am a mother to a 5-year old myself, and often find myself needing assistance on how to raise a child, not having a natural network of close relatives. The advice can vary a lot, and sometimes it can be hard to choose which way to go. Through my studies I have also started to pay more attention to what kind of help is available in my situation. I have had some revelations for example through Raisa Cacciatore’s Kiukkukirja, which has helped me to understand child’s aggression better, and made me realize that anger and aggression are something a child needs to develop their identity. Another great innovation is the Fanni book-series by Julia Pöyhönen and Heidi Livingston. The books were created to practice emotional skills, and they are great for that purpose! The books deal with issues such as the child’s fears, restlessness, stress and ways to de-stress and regognize different emotions.

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Finnish Systemic Practice Model for child protection

Next set of blog posts from our group concerns different methods and models in the field of child protection. In this blog post I will introduce you to the Finnish Systemic Practice model for child protection. This particular blog post is inspired by an interview with a working life representative. 

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The Constant Battle

Before I applied to study in the University of Applied Sciences, I read gloomy opinions on internet discussion forums that it is not worth studying the social services because there are no jobs available. I heard the same from friends and relatives. I decided that I would not let it affect me, applied, was accepted  and I was proud of my decision. Now that I’m in the second year of my studies I have started to look around for job opportunities but also started to notice the realities of the field, and the opportunities to influence my future work. It is difficult to think in advance what working life will be like in the field, and I have actively tried to look for working life experiences in the social services field. While searching for information on our group’s topic on child protection, I came across a few articles that dealt with the crisis in child protection in Vantaa and decided to look into it in more detail.

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Social worker vs social counsellor working in child protection

My first blog post is about the differences between the job descriptions of a social worker and social counsellor especially in the field of child protective services in Finland. In this particular case I look at a social counsellor as someone who has completed the Bachelor’s degree in Social Services in a University of Applied Sciences.

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