Far away from home

Immigrants, asylum seekers and the paperless suffer from homelessness. They are possibly thousands of kilometers away from home with bad luck when trying to find a new one. They suffer from discrimination when it comes to labor -and private housing markets and often have lower income levels. It’s estimated that one fifth of the homeless … Lue lisää

Causes and factors leading to Homelessness

What causes homelessness? What factors lead people to end up homeless? Is homelessness really a choice made by an individual or is it forced on the person in a way or another? What has caused an increase in homelessness in the past couple decades in almost every country? How much of an effect do social … Lue lisää

The Women With No Rest

The amount of homeless women has been increasing year by year. The position women are put when becoming homeless is extremely unsafe and scary. Women are at great risk of abuse and violence when living under the stars. There is no one reason why the amount of homeless women has increased but common reasons for … Lue lisää

Global situation of homelessness

What is homelessness? The term ‘’homelessness’’ can have many definitions, which depends on an individual’s own perspective, culture or on the situation of a country. There is no internationally agreed definition of homelessness. For many, homelessness only means not having a roof over their heads and having to sleep on the streets. According to the Canadian definition of homelessness, homelessness is ‘’the … Lue lisää