Part of the Society

“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” Verna Myers Finland´s integration program aims to strengthen inclusion in many ways. In 2015-2018, more than 30,000 integration plans were made in Finland. There are many ongoing projects in different municipalities. If you are interested in some of them take a look at the link below.

New beginning

The journey A refugee’s journey usually begins in the country from which they flee to refugee camps in a neighboring country. In refugee camps, many of them apply for quota refugees. Families who eventually get to Finland through the process are at the end of their journey. But in a new country, a new beginning …

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Integration by cycling

In this blog, I want to highlight what I think is a great tool that has been used to promote the integration of immigrants. The idea for this method was born in 2013, when the Cyclists’ Association organized basic cycling training for immigrants. Due to the high demand for such courses, the Maahanmuuttajat pyörille -project …

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Far away from home

Immigrants, asylum seekers and the paperless suffer from homelessness. They are possibly thousands of kilometers away from home with bad luck when trying to find a new one. They suffer from discrimination when it comes to labor -and private housing markets and often have lower income levels. It’s estimated that one fifth of the homeless …

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