Cutting the Sting of Stigma

The sting of stigma can be intensely painful to those affected by it. It influences individuals who may be every bit as creative, intelligent, talented and humanly flawed as the next person. People who suffer from substance dependence, are heavily stigmatized in the eyes of the society. They are often not acknowledged as complex individuals, but are rather defined by their substance reliance.

To put things into perspective, i would like to evoke a quick time lapse to the ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, “stigma” referred to a skin mark they left on the bodies of criminals, slaves, and traitors to identify them as immoral. These people were ritually polluted, looked down on and avoided.

The origin of stigma´s definition truly makes you raise an eyebrow, considering that this is more or less, what occurs in our modern, “civilized” society. Stigmatized people today might not be given a skin mark, but they are given discriminative labels. Labels which portray them as indecent and outlawed. Collective discrimination is still very much awoken in our society. This prevailing, due to generational prejudices and harmful stereotypes.

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Moni ihminen pitää terveyttä tärkeänä arvona ja haluaa ylläpitää omaa hyvinvointiaan. Miksi mielenterveydestä ja sen häiriöistä ei siis kuulla niin paljon puhetta? Stigma. Stigmalla tarkoitetaan niitä asenteita ja arvoja, joiden mukaan mielenterveyden ongelmat ovat häpeällisiä. Stigma, eli häpeäleima eristää mielenterveyden ongelmista kärsiviä, ja määrittelee tiukasti, mikä on ”normaalia” ja mikä ei.

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