Mental health

Important Role

During recent decades, there has been a significant improvement in people’s physical wellbeing. Never before, has the Finnish population been as healthy as they are now. Unfortunately, this kind of progress is not seen in mental wellbeing.  This is somehow ambivalent, as physical – and mental wellbeing often go hand in hand. What could be …

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Recovering from homelessness

Dear Reader, After examining the very complex issue of homelessness in our previous blog posts, the following step is to see what happens next. Is it really possible to recover from homelessness? Or those persons are still suffering from it long after they have found a home? Can you experience homelessness and then move on …

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What is like to be homeless? What is inside their minds? What are the barriers they face in their lives?  I don´t know, you don´t know! It´s beyond us to know what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Social exclusion – a problem too big to solve?

I read an article on Helsingin Sanomat about social exclusion. The article presents the risks, different aspects concerning the problem and suggested that something has to be done to prevent further problems. “There are about 10000 families in Finland whose children have a high risk of social exclusion. There are several factors concerning poverty, the …

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Children are Capable of Murder too

For the most of us, children are viewed as innocent beings that are living their lives when everything is new and surprising. We wouldn’t want to think about it, but where ever the is a light there must always be a shadow. These shadows of this post are called, Eric Smith, Christopher Pittman, Jon Venables …

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Shattered Glass

Last days of September, I found an article from Talentia Magazine written by Markku Tasala “Psychological distress of children and adolescents is not heard” . It was about youths mental health issues and how they are taken care of in the Finnish welfare state system. In that article there was one mother who told her …

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